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This checklist is for you if...

  • you are a «first-time-in-Himalayas» traveler;
  • this is your first trip to Himalayas;
  • this is your first technical ascent above 4000 meters;
  • you are looking for an independent expert advice;
  • you don’t trust a retail store consultants;
  • there are any further ascents or treks planed for future;

You don’t need it if...

  • you are a savvy professional mountaineer or guide;
  • your done Annapurna Circuit Trek (or any other treck with the same elevation);
  • you’ve done over three ascents above 4000 meters;
  • your guide is trustworthy and you relay on his/her recommendations;
  • you are Mr. James Bond or don’t really care about your health and safety;

This checklist is designed by...

Sergey Kofanov — Everest guide and renowned mountaineer with more than 25 years experience of hiking and high-altitude accents. Winner of the prestigious American Golden Piton and European Grolla d’Or awards. 

Sergey Kofanov in the Himalayas

The list will help you to

  • minimise the cost of purchasing extra equipment;
  • increase your chances to perform successful and safe accent;
  • compare your agency/guide recommendations with Mountain Planet’s expert opinion;
  • reduce the gap between expectations and reality;
  • avoid unpleasant surprises in everyday life;
  • learn about the gear choice of global known mountain guides;
  • succresfully complete one of the most famouse Himalayan treks;